Value Planning and Preparation for Exit

20. March 2018

Value planning services are suitable for growth stage to mature businesses, in preparation for an exit/ disposal/ IPO process that facilities a sale and even ensures that key tasks typical of the sale process are anticipated, in order to avoid a delay in or problems during the transaction. This also ensures that information-gathering takes place before an exit is on the cards for a more likely cooperation of employees and management.

Value planning is also suitable for strategic reasons and to implement the right measures to grow the business.

The project will include:
* On-site visit
* Analysis of past financials
* Advanced financial plan
* Valuation
* Analysis of assets
* Analysis of growth and performance improvement possibilities
* Financial optimisation
* Financing and exit strategy
* Preparation of dataroom
* Feasibility and vendor due-diligence report
* Cooperation with company consultants
* Final workshop