27. March 2018

The advanced financial plan for startups up to 3 years since incorporation (only excel) including:
– 2 weeks online consulting
– Market sizing
– Competitors and strategy analysis
– Customers development and acquisition strategy
– Detailed revenue model and product life cycle analysis
– Detailed costs
– Inventory flow
– Personnel development
– Investments
– Integrated financials with P&L balance sheet and monthly cash flows
– Estimate of funds to raise and financing strategy
– Sector-specific metrics and breakeven analysis
– Template structured for automatic updates with graphs and table for use in reports with changeable brand colours

€ 1,000

Delivery: 4 working days (from submission of information)

ADD-ONS available:,
– Valuation Report: € 900,
– Feasibility analysis (for startups) € 1600,
– Due Diligence (for investors) € 2000,
– Executive summary € 300,
– Investment teaser € 500,
– Pitch deck € 1200,
– Startup business plan € 2400,
– 1 week consulting & document updates € 500


The valuation is delivered only in pdf (no valuation in excel), to ensure that the valuation findings remain independent. The deliverable will be a 15-20 pages long independent and professional report on the company, financials and valuation (Calculation Engagement), formatted and with analysis suitable for investors. The analysis includes:
– Risk-adjusted financials according to 30+ recognised risks
– Discounted cash flow valuation
– Market-based valuation and replacement value
– Exit strategy and market trends analysis
– VC and other startup-specific valuation methods
– Dilution and cap table (optional)
– Analysis of term-sheet and transaction-specific clauses
– ROI; analysis of information basis; margin of error and price-value deviation


The feasibility analysis will include:
* Analysis of market and legal entry barriers
* Operational plan
* Validation research and analysis
* Product-market fit
* Analysis of risks
* Analysis of local competitive environement
* Analysis of strategy, pricing and business model
* Funding needs
* Segment profitability analysis


A Commercial and Financial Due Diligence can be carried out for an investor (for financing or acquisition purposes). The target company should be not older than 3 years (since incorporation) or have more than €1m in revenue. The analysis covers:
* Shareholding agreement, general legal setup and litigation risk (general, this is not a legal dd)
* Contracts and eventual leasing agreements
* Operational plan
* Administrative tools
* Product development and identifiable risks
* IP
* Market and international risk
* Barriers to entry
* Competition
* Preliminary traction
* Market validation
* Partnerships
* Suppliers
* Marketing strategy
* Funds available
* Financial plan and Budgeting
* Team (commitment, experience, functions covered, company culture)
* Information basis (completeness and missing information)
* Investment risks
* Business risks
* Milestones
* Control systems (financial, commercial, strategy)
Tax or Legal matters require a separate tax or legal due diligence.