Startup Virtual CFO

15. November 2017

Early-stage companies often do not have any in-house financial specialist and loose sight of liquidity, profitability and have no means of creating realistic financial planning. Bookkeepers cannot give the same level of strategy recommendations or have the authority to prevent wrong financial decisions with the hands-on approach that we offer founders. Before raising significant funds from investors, hiring a full-time CFO would be a waste of resources. We can offer fundraising support in-house and perform a variety of tasks as interim CFO:
– Financial plan, analysis and strategy consulting
– Cost review & budgeting
– Goal-setting & performance review
– Valuation consulting
– Financing strategy
– Investor relations & reporting (when needed)
– Due diligence support (when needed)
– Investors’ approach (partly on commission %)

Contracts are available for a minimum of 3 months to ensure an effective approach.