Seed Finance Accelerator

16. September 2018

Getting to know the fundraising process is one of the largest gaps to fill for new entrepreneurs. There are so many “finance talks” but many are superficial. At the same time, accelerators do not typically offer good finance or valuation classes, and the startup cannot hire a CFO until later stages. This consulting is also expensive and investors have learnt to ‘close an eye’ over the financial plans that they receive, which are usually ignored because they are unreliable. We see startups at Series A or Series B stages that are still producing completely unrealistic financials.

In addition, as consulting does not cost any less for startups than it does for SMEs, purchasing cheap consulting services is often a waste of resources. At seed stage, the founders’ vision should be fully reflected in the documents presented and be consistent with what you are saying in person. A consultant can give you strategy guidance, but no one will create your strategy from scratch, as investors at this stage invest in people. The founders’ involvement and reliability is important for the investment decision.

We believe that the situation can be much more efficient, that’s why we’ve planned out a Virtual Accelerator Programme for new and prospective entrepreneurs and seed stage startups. This gives you the tools to create your own personalised story and documents, and outsource only what you need, and gives you the necessary knowledge to re-edit any document when necessary and make them your own.

The programme is conducted regionally and includes 12 Conference Calls of the duration of about 45 minutes with a group of between 6-10 people, including 11 consecutive weeks of lectures and one call taking place 1 month later to assess the progress.

All participants will be able to:

  • Join the 12 scheduled calls
  • View the lecture slides online, accessible for 3 months after the lecture
  • Receive online templates editable online (not downloadable, downloads can be purchased separately)
  • Access a group chat to discuss ideas and share work with other participants
  • Be able to be featured on our newsletter at the end of the programme
  • Be awarded a Completion Certificate

The finance lessons will take place on Zoom in a small group to be able to interact, share information and ask questions. You can choose whether to use the webcam on any lesson, but we recommend it for participants to get to know each other. Most lessons will involve homework assignments:

  1. Introduction to the Financing Strategy, the investment market, instruments and shareholder issues (Output: Your Financing Strategy)
  2. Telling a story with numbers (Output: Elevator Pitch)
  3. Customers and Market Validation (Output: Validation Plan)
  4. Financials: Customers, Revenue and Marketing (Output: Market Size)
  5. Financials: Costs and Cash Flow (Output: Simple Financial Plan)
  6. Exit Strategy and Value (Output: Executive Summary)
  7. Startup Valuation (Output: Valuation Estimate)
  8. Communication of financial figures (Output: Pitch Deck)
  9. Finding & Approaching Investors (Output: Long List of Investors, approach strategy and online presence)
  10. Creating the Business Plan (Output: Business plan)
  11. Negotiations (Output: Term Sheet typical clauses)
  12. Review of progress

Viewing of templates and online editing is included. Additionally, every participant can purchase a variety of additional consulting and document preparation options. The available documents to view and edit online are: Executive Summary, Simple Finance Financial Plan, Valuation, Pitch Deck, Business Plan. The links will be available before every lesson:

  • A pdf download of the online edited file, once you have finished editing it (€14 per document)
  • An email review with analysis of the file created and advice (€49 per review)
  • A review + consulting call of the file created (€90-€130 consulting call without/with document review)

Additionally, the following premium services are available for each document:

A) Auto-editing: A submission of information through our online form, editing by us and pdf download of the file created (no consulting call or original file included)
B) A download of the original template file (it can also be combined with option A)
C) The creation of a professional document, you will receive a completed original file (recommended for startups raising over €1m)


Simple Financial Plan

Executive Summary

Valuation estimate

Pitch Deck

Business Plan

Long List of Investors

Feasibility Analysis

Option A








Option B








Option C

€1,100 + Advanced & Feasibility analysis options


€1,400 (advanced with the financial plan), or €500 (simple)



€650 (75 names)


The programme will be intensive, some concepts will be basic and some concepts will be difficult, especially if working with numbers is not your thing. However, the templates have been carefully created to make them as user-friendly and at the same time as financially correct as possible. You will be able to learn the specifics of the financing process and learn how to complete all documents useful for the process, making this a seed finance course with one of the highest value for money that is available, if not the only one covering all the above topics.

Please view our events to sign up for the upcoming Virtual Accelerators.

* Any participant is expected to have only a direct interest in the subject as (prospective) entrepreneur and ability to benefit from the programme. Valithea reserves the right to reject the application of any participant for any reason.

* Any download or document cannot be shared with others according to our Terms & Conditions. All participants are required to agree to our Terms & Conditions.

* You are in control of your privacy. Some lessons may be recorded to share with other participants or for our website: however, only those who agree to being present in the video will be featured, or possibly only the presenter will be featured.