Exit Valuation Estimate


Suitable for small startup fundraisings, for business angels and to present to investors.

Valuation estimate for early-stage investments through exit analysis (only pdf report, no financial plan), including short teaser and investment disclosure analysis.

Delivery: 4 Working Days. Consulting period not included.

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The valuation estimate for early-stage investments can be purchased by founders and investors who want a quick investment assessment. It is suitable for investments with a return that originates exclusively from a potential exit.

The analysis will be delivered in a pdf report including a :
– Business model analysis
– Market analysis
– Exit analysis
– Risk profile identified in investment documents
– Valuation estimate according to 2 methods specific for early-stage investments

The pdf report will include an executive summary and a quick independent assessment of the company, which can be submitted to investors.

Target: Startups, Startup investors

Information requested (optional): exit expectations, financing expectations, market know-how, any internal financial plan, business plan, market analysis or key competitors list you may have. Availability for an initial call to review the investment.

After document delivery, we can have a brief (< 1 hour) consulting call to explain the findings.

Estimated Delivery: 4 Working Days from the submission of information and the initial call

Reviews and Consulting Period: Not available with this product.


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