Startup Financial Plan


Advanced financial projections & business model consulting for startups (up to 3 years since incorporation).

First Draft Delivery: 8 Working Days from the submission of information and the initial call. Reviews and Unlimited Consulting: 1 month from the Day of Purchase.

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Simple Financial Plan

The simple financial plan is only prepared on a yearly basis. It is a variation of the advanced financial plan for startups that need to disclose less details to investors. It excludes a strategy analysis, the detailed monthly customer development and acquisition strategy, detailed inventory flows, the balance sheet, a financing strategy, metrics and breakeven analysis.

Financial Analysis & Valuation

Financial Plan & Business Analysis (Delivery: 3 Working Days – Review Period: +1 Week). The document is a short version of a business plan with an extensive analysis of the the financial projections.
The valuation report or Calculation Engagement Report will also include a Financial Analysis and is delivered only in pdf (no valuation in excel), to ensure that the valuation findings remain independent. The deliverable will be a 15-20 pages long independent and professional report on the company, financials and valuation (Calculation Engagement), formatted and with analysis suitable for investors. The analysis includes:
– Financial analysis and risk-adjusted financials according to 30+ recognised risks
– Discounted cash flow valuation
– Market-based valuation and replacement value
– Exit strategy and market trends analysis
– VC and other startup-specific valuation methods
– Dilution and cap table (optional, added to excel)
– Analysis of term-sheet and transaction-specific clauses
– ROI; analysis of information basis; margin of error and price-value deviation
Estimated Delivery: 7 working days after completion of the financial plan. Review Period: Extended by 2 weeks.

Investment Documents

Executive Summary (Delivery: 2 Working Days – Review Period: 1 Week)
Investment Teaser (Delivery: 3 Working Days – Review Period: 10 Days)
Pitch Deck (Delivery: 6 Working Days – Review period: 2 weeks)
Business Plan (Delivery: 13 Working Days – Review Period: 3 weeks)

Feasibility Analysis

Estimated Delivery: 2 working days per subject (may vary depending on the subject due to third-party delays).
Reviews and Consulting Period: 10 days for each subject from the Day of Purchase.
The work will be delivered in pdf.

Faster Delivery

You can opt to have a project delivered faster than the scheduled deadline, by adding a ‘Faster Delivery’ option to the product, for as many days in advance as necessary. The time to deliver starts from the time when all key information is submitted (documents + interview).

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Personalised Contract

Terms & Conditions apply for all services. If you instead wish to receive a separate contract, to sign only through Docracy or pdf, that is tailored to your specific situation and negotiable on both sides, please select this option. In this case, you will receive an invoice for the contract before starting the service.


Advantages of Valithea’s financial plan, specifically developed for early-stage startups:
✓  Advanced and realistic financial modelling and early-stage valuation methods
✓  User-friendly, editable and strategy-oriented financials
✓  Ability to monitor inventory, measure profitability and monitor performance through metrics
✓  Adapted to information sought, transparency standards and preferences of both investors and founders
✓  Adapted to a variety of different transactions and markets

The advanced financial plan for startups is reserved for companies up to 3 years since incorporation and includes:

  • Market sizing
  • Competitors and strategy analysis
  • Customers development and acquisition strategy
  • Detailed revenue model and product life cycle analysis
  • Detailed costs
  • Inventory flow
  • Personnel development
  • Investments
  • Integrated financials with P&L balance sheet and monthly cash flows
  • Estimate of funds to raise and financing strategy
  • Sector-specific metrics and breakeven analysis
  • Template structured for automatic updates with graphs and table for use in reports with changeable brand colours

The work will be delivered in excel and involves desk market research and strategy consulting and updates. It is a great tool to test whether your business model is sustainable and to carry out the necessary strategy adjustments.

Information requested (optional, if available): any other internal financial plan, business plan, market analysis or any key competitors list you may have, pricing information, market validation. Availability for an initial call to review the business model in detail.

After our first call, I will start building the model, which we are likely to review at least twice.

Target: Startups (max. 3 years since incorporation)

Estimated Delivery: 8 Working Days from the submission of information and the initial call.

Reviews and Consulting Period: 1 month from the Day of Purchase.

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