27. March 2018

The advanced financial plan for growth stage companies from 3 years since incorporation (only excel) including:
– 2 weeks online consulting
– Advanced modelling for projects
– 1 additional project scenario
– Past financial and documents analysis
– Market sizing
– Competitors and strategy analysis
– Customers development and acquisition strategy
– Detailed revenue model and product life cycle analysis
– Detailed costs
– Inventory flow
– Personnel development
– Investments
– Integrated financials with P&L balance sheet and monthly cash flows
– Estimate of funds to raise and financing strategy
– Sector-specific customer metrics dashboard and breakeven analysis
– Template structured for automatic updates with graphs and table for use in reports with changeable brand colours

€ 1,800

Delivery: 6 working days (from submission of information)

ADD-ONS available:,
– Valuation in excel: € 700,
– Valuation Report: € 1000,
– Feasibility analysis (for new projects) € 1600,
– Due Diligence (for investors) € 4000,
– Investment teaser € 600,
– Pitch Deck € 1200,
– Management presentation € 1900,
– Growth BP/ Investment Overview € 5100
– 1 week consulting & document updates € 500


The valuation is delivered only in excel and pdf. The deliverable will be a 20-25 pages long independent and professional report on the company, financials and valuation (Calculation Engagement), formatted and with analysis suitable for investors. The analysis includes:
– Risk-adjusted financials according to 30+ recognised risks
– Discounted cash flow valuation
– Market-based valuation and replacement value
– Exit strategy and market trends analysis
– VC and other startup-specific valuation methods
– Dilution and cap table (optional)
– Analysis of term-sheet and transaction-specific clauses
– ROI; analysis of information basis; margin of error and price-value deviation


The feasibility analysis will include:
* Analysis of market and legal entry barriers
* Operational plan
* Validation research and analysis
* Product-market fit
* Analysis of risks
* Analysis of local competitive environement
* Analysis of strategy, pricing and business model
* Funding needs
* Segment profitability analysis


A Commercial and Financial Due Diligence can be carried out for an investor (for financing or acquisition purposes). The target company should be not older than 10 years (since incorporation) or have more than €5m in revenue. For larger companies I would involve additional consultants. The analysis cover:
* Shareholding agreement, general legal setup and litigation risk (general, this is not a legal dd)
* Contracts and eventual leasing agreements
* Past financing
* Operational plan
* Administrative tools
* Product development and identifiable risks
* IP
* Market and international risk
* Barriers to entry
* Competition
* Preliminary traction
* Market validation
* Partnerships
* Suppliers
* Marketing strategy
* Funds available
* Financial plan and Budgeting
* Team (commitment, experience, functions covered, company culture)
* Information basis (completeness and missing information)
* Investment risks
* Business risks
* Milestones
* Control systems (financial, commercial, strategy)
Tax or Legal matters require a separate tax or legal due diligence. For growth stage startups the work will need to be conducted on-site.
A company on sale can also request a Vendor Due Diligence to increase the chances of being acquired and to speed up the due diligence process of the potential acquirer. A separate DD will take place for every subsidiary in a group of companies if necessary.