Growth & Late Stage Transactions

16. September 2018

Thanks to traction, past funds received, high growth and foreseeable exit options, we can offer the most complete services to growth-stage companies and those involved in a late-stage capital raising or early-stage exit. This typically includes companies between 3 and 10 years of operations.

The Growth-stage Financial Plan offers advanced financials and investor-ready documents in the process of raising funds, as well as strategy consulting and feasibility analysis for businesses in expansion.

When an exit is in sights or planned in the upcoming years, especially when the business has not followed a structured exit strategy during the growth phase, the Value Planning & Maximisation service involves a detailed review of financials, a financial model and valuation with special attention to all additional growth possibilities, the elimination of risks and the analysis of exit possibilities. An on-site visit may be recommended. To prepare effectively for a transaction, process documents can be compiled in advance, as this results difficult during a transaction. The service will begin with interviews of key personnel, research and preparation of analyses, strategy recommendations, a workshop to explain the measures to implement and ends with the preparation of transaction documents. To purchase ideally between 1-2 years before a prospective exit, or even longer if an acquisition strategy should be reviewed before an exit.

During the capital raising process and during a potential early-stage exit Corporate Finance Support is available. This is a flexible service based on ad-hoc consulting during the process and negotiations, which can be purchased easily in 10 hours packages when needed. The timing of different tasks can also be calculated to estimate the n° of hours to buy. We do not work on success fees, so please do not get in contact promising success fees or asking whom we know. The service involves maximising your chances of a successful transaction – we cannot recommend an investment after we have talked to you for 5 minutes: any recommendation to investors will be initiated by us and not because of a success fee. The fundraising support services are aimed at setting a financing strategy, understanding whom you should contact, how to highlight your strengths and making sure that you avoid any mistakes during the process that would prevent your from getting an investment or that would lower your value. Consider it a consulting fee rather that a finder’s fee.

During an exit process, or in other cases where a change in shareholders requires issuing an official valuation report, a Valuation Engagement can be issued. The link is not available because the service price is variable, starting at €6,000, due to potential regulations, risks, and subsidiaries to include in the valuation services and a contract is mandatory. Calculation Engagements available with the financial plan are recommended for other low-risk transactions. Since I issue Valuaton Engagements in compliance with NACVA’s Professional Standards, the analysis and reports are comprehensive and include the most advanced methods for different valuation cases. Since for companies, except for court cases, there are little known restrictions in terms of who can carry out the valuation, and I have researched and analysed valuation standards in various countries, the Valuation Engagement can be issued for companies in any country at this stage.

Any previous document created by Valithea can be edited through the 1-Week Retainer , that allows up to 2 recent documents to be updated during a maximum 1 week availability, without hours limits. The 1-week retainer would usually result in savings compared to purchasing hour-based consulting, and encourages better planning and the collection of all information before the service is purchased.

Any additional consulting not included above or general document reviews, updates and consultations fall under the Consulting Session.

Valithea’s services have a variety of add-on options. We recommend ordering any simple service online in order to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and to subsequently select ‘Bank Account Payment’ in the checkout option. You will then receive an invoice with payment details, which can also be issued in your currency if you provide the information in advance. Advanced and regular services (over $3k) would preferably be closed though a separate online contract. A personalised contract is available for shorter services as well, but in this case an additional fee is charged.

Any new client can get in contact for an Introductory Call to review service options.