The things you need to know before planning your fundraising campaign

There are many potentially great entrepreneurs with valid ideas, but often with little knowledge as to how to take the idea further with the limited resources they have available. Luckily there are now a variety of ways to fund businesses. All these options may be confusing at first. However, depending on the type of business[…]

Damodaran on Narrative and Numbers in Valuation

Aswath Damodaran’s webinar on “Narrative and Numbers: A Guide to Disciplined Story Telling and Imaginative Number Crunching” on Sageworks provided some very interesting insights into different approaches to valuation. Damodaran distinguishes between those people who are more comfortable with number crunching, and the storytellers. The ‘Numbers’ people tend to think that valuation is all about[…]

Who can value your company?

Business valuation is a constantly evolving science, shaped by empirical research, opinions of leading experts and the judgement of the valuer. It is impossible to pinpoint the exact intrinsic value of a company, so all methods are aimed at detecting and quantifying as many factors as possible that can have an influence on the company’s[…]