Capital Raising

16. July 2017

This service is only available to:

  • Existing clients that have purchased a Financial Plan or Fundraising Training from Valithea in the past 12 months
  • Companies that are looking for funds in excess of € 250k
  • Companies with cash reserves for at least 6-8 months

Capital Raising services are offered to client through a separate contract.

The process will last 4 months and it will involve:
– The approach of suitable investors within the network
– 4 months availability for consulting calls
– Preparation of an investment teaser with estimate valuation (published only online)
– Assistance with due diligence and transaction advisory

The commission on the service amounts to 1-5% to the amount of funds raised, based on an hybrid exclusive contract, and is to be understood as a transaction consulting fee paid when the funds become available, and not as a ‘finder’s fee’.

Only existing clients clients can schedule a free call to discuss the services, as a due diligence is necessary before presenting any project to investors.