Capital Raising

16. July 2017

Startup fundraising will take place form a minimum on € 500k of funds sought and is suitable for startups.

The process will last a maximum of 4-6 months, to be decided in advance, based on the features of the company. Please ensure that you have cash reserves for at least 6-8 months before getting in contact, as the scope of the service is to work on a beneficial deal for both parties, which does not take place when the startup is in urgent need of cash.

The process will involve:
– The approach of suitable investors within the network
– 4-6 months availability for consulting calls
– Preparation of investment teaser with estimate valuation (published only online)
– Submission of templates for financial plan, business plan, pitch deck to help the founders
– Assistance with due diligence and transaction advisory

The commission on the service amounts to 1-5% to the amount of funds raised, based on an hybrid exclusive contract, and is to be understood as a transaction consulting fee paid when the funds become available, and not as a ‘finder’s fee’.


For growth-stage companies, please get in contact for complete capital raising services including documents. Additional services can be added based on the amount of funds to raise and the retainer that the company is able to support.


Capital Raising Valithea Advisory