16. August 2018
Alithea (from Greek, also ‘Aletheia’) stands for truth, discovery, unconcealment.

There is value in truth and in transparency when making business decisions. Today, we possess many tools to come as close as possible to estimating how a company will perform. Valithea has refined these tools to make it possible to create realistic financial projections from the very early stages, and to publish valuations that take all leading and experimental valuation methods into account, with a commitment to have trustworthy, informed and transparent financial transactions involving new and fast-growing companies.

Valithea is an online business that helps make the investment process easier for early-stage investors and potential or existing portfolio companies, wherever the project is. The consultancy projects have transparent flat fees, set timelines and set goals – after developing the most efficient methods based on years of working with clients.

With experience of working in the most innovative sector, all methods are constantly adapted to changing markets, upcoming trends, new sectors and enriched by the industry knowledge of clients.

Valithea has been in operation for 4 years, 3 years in Austria and has now moved to Tallinn in Estonia (only digitally), therefore being able to have presence in variety of global markets.