Bringing transparency to early-stage investments

Alithea (from Greek, also 'Aletheia') stands for truth, discovery, unconcealment.

There is value in truth and in transparency when making business decisions. We all wish we had a way to foresee how an early-stage investment will perform. This is not possible – but we possess all the tools to come as close as possible to estimating how a company will perform. ‘Only 1 in 10 startups will succeed’ is a myth perpetrated by an investment culture that undervalues analysis, believing in so many entrepreneurs’ dreams but not believing that their probability of success can be measured. My aim to increase this ratio and to introduce a more structured approach to early-stage investments.

E-Commerce & Platforms

Numerous projects for both entrepreneurs and investors carried out for new and established digital businesses globally with a focus on new on-demand services and social platforms (e.g. social networks and advertising, m-commerce, services marketplaces, edtech, on-demand and referral services, sharing economy, travel platforms)

SaaS & Technology

Worked with companies bringing game-changing technology to developed and developing countries (incl. IoT wearables, architecture & construction software, off-grid solar devices + software, smartphones + platform, compliance software, big data solutions, AI and machine learning)

Fintech & non-banking financial services

Advising entrepreneurs implementing new business models with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa as well as innovative financial business models in traditional markets (incl. innovative financing services and platforms, personal finance apps, new institutional investment solutions)

Real Estate & Construction

Worked on financial plans, valuation, feasibility and business model consulting, reporting and business plans of large innovative projects in Europe and the Middle East (incl. renewable energy, energy efficiency, architecture, facility management)

Media & Information

With a focus on the UK, I advise companies combining traditional services with new digital strategies and market trends (incl. business information services, media channels, entertainment, publishing, databases)

Consumer Products & Design

I helped new brands analyse the financial potential of innovative design and sales strategies and the potential of linking design with new technology (incl. fashion design, fashion platforms, wearables, beauty design, wellness products)

Mobility & Logistics

I consulted and assessed businesses introducing solutions in sectors such as food delivery, last-mile delivery, mobility services, mobility software & detection systems


Projects carried out in sectors such as corporate wellness and health services, telemedicine, insurtech, B2B marketing & content management platforms, big data services and analytics, HR and recruiting platforms

Olivia Passoni

Certified Valuation Analyst (NACVA US/ EACVA Germany)

10 years experience in Advisory (valuation, M&A, restructuring, DD, research, capital markets, strategy) in London and Vienna.

Originally from Italy, always travelling to discover new markets opportunities and startup ecosystems.

Valithea's Projects

Working globally with a focus on the most innovative startup hubs in London, Silicon Valley, Israel, Singapore, Sub-Saharan Africa

Valithea's global projects
Why Valithea?
  • Financial projections are possible at any stage

    I have developed the most advanced and realistic model to estimate the financials of startups, resulting in a best case scenario and an adjusted scenario accounting for all risks. This was possible after working on many different business models, comparing the expectations of founders with the market, by assessing the reliability of information and probability of many factors that affect the development of early-stage companies. The financial plan is a consulting tool that helps founders adjust their strategy and target markets to anticipate and increase profits.

  • for investors and early-stage companies

    I work with investors (business angels, VCs, family offices and strategic investors) as well as innovative early-stage companies (from seed stage startups to growing and expanding businesses, usually until 10 years of operations) as the goal is the same: understanding the pros and cons of an investment, implementing measures to maximise the value of an investment in the long-term and ensuring a good and transparent working relationship among all parties.

  • Better undertanding of value

    A valuation is not just a number, but a tool to understand an investment. Value changes according to each particular circumstance: fundraising, M&A transactions, angel, VC or strategic investments, introduction of partners, squeeze-out and compensation, financial statements, etc. Valuations are adapted to the financing or acquisition circumstances of each deal, including dilution adjustments and changing market conditions for early-stage investments. This helps prepare for negotiations, time fundraisings and exits and formulate a step-by-step plan to implement value-maximising strategies years in advance.

  • The Future

    Market and investment trends are constantly changing. Methods are updated on a regular basis, with an approach that helps assess any market hype neutrally.


Current project availability: immediate

These services are available to both investors and entrepreneurs. These analyses are relevant for both private fundraisings and ICOs, preferably from €750k of funds to raise. Only after a proper financial and feasibility analysis, profiles of fundraising companies can be sent to relevant investors - transaction advisory takes place only with high-potential early-stage businesses that find a match within the network.

✓ Most advanced and realistic financial modelling and early-stage valuation methods on the market
✓ User-friendly, editable and strategy-oriented financials
✓ Adapted to best interest, information sought and preferences of both investors and founders

Valuation estimate


  • Valuation estimate for early-stage investments (only pdf report) including: - business model analysis - market analysis - exit analysis - risk and valuation estimate (no consulting calls included)
  • Delivery: 1 day

Startup Financial plan


  • Advanced financial plan for startups up to 3 years since incorporation (only excel) including: - 2 weeks online consulting - market sizing - competitors and strategy analysis - customers development and acquisition strategy - detailed revenue model and product life cycle analysis - detailed costs - inventory flow - personnel development - investments - integrated financials with P&L balance sheet and monthly cash flows - estimate of funds to raise and financing strategy - sector-specific metrics and breakeven analysis - template structured for automatic updates with graphs and table for use in reports with changeable brand colours
  • Delivery: 4 days

Startup Financial plan + Valuation


  • Advanced financial plan for startups up to 3 years since incorporation (financial plan in excel; valuation only in pdf) including: - ALL features included in the financial plan - 3 weeks online consulting - 1 additional project scenario - Risk-adjusted financials according to 30+ recognised risks - Discounted cash flow valuation - Market-based valuation and replacement value - Exit strategy and market trends analysis - VC and other startup-specific valuation methods - Dilution and cap table - Analysis of term-sheet and transaction-specific clauses - ROI; analysis of information basis; margin of error and price-value deviation - 15-20 pages independent and professional report on company; financials and valuation (Calculation Engagement)
  • Delivery: 7 days

Growth Financial plan + Valuation


  • Advanced financial plan for growth stage businesses; real estate; renewable energy (financial plan in excel; valuation in excel and pdf) including: - ALL features included in the financial plan - Advanced modelling for projects - Past financial and documents analysis - 1 month online consulting - 1 additional project scenario - Risk-adjusted financials according to 30+ recognised risks - Discounted cash flow valuation - Market-based valuation and replacement value - Exit strategy and market trends analysis - Other company-specific valuation methods - Dilution and cap table - Analysis of term-sheet and transaction-specific clauses - ROI; analysis of information basis - 20-25 pages independent and professional report on company; financials and valuation (Calculation Engagement)
  • € 3000 without report
  • Delivery: 12 days
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Investment monitoring & reporting update € 400
Feasibility analysis € 2,000
Consulting meeting € 210
1 Week document updates and consulting € 600
Shorter deadline p/day € 100
Project from external consultant € 500

Advanced consulting services

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Executive summary € 400
Investment teaser € 700
Pitch deck € 1,500
Startup business plan € 3,100
Management presentation € 2,300
Growth BP/ Investment Overview € 6,400
(excl. financials, see plan above)
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Commercial and financial due diligence of a small business up to 10 years since incorporation or €5m revenue.
€ 3,000 – € 6,000 depending on stage
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Official valuation report. Use of the most advanced valuation methods and reporting standards. Incl. consulting. Additional charges for advanced companies and special situations.
from € 7,000
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Advanced financials, Valuation, Exit/ Value Planning & Maximisation
€ 10,000

  • Valithea is an online business, you can easily SET UP A FREE CALL from anywhere in the world to explain your project and view my sample work on screen
  • On-site work and personal meetings are included in advanced consulting services (Due Diligence, Valuation Engagement and Value Planning), introductory meetings are not free of charge
  • An NDA is already included in the service contract, there's no need to share confidential information beforehand
  • Still want to meet in person? Find me at local events, send an invitation to a business event or attend one of my workshops
  • You will receive a link to an online contract after the call: if you know the services you want or if you are a current client you can immediately request the link to the contract
  • Information needed for contract: Name of signee, Company name, address, register n°, VAT (if exists), for non-EU companies Certificate of Incorporation, project deadline, preferred payment method
  • After contract signing, you will receive an invoice by email, payable online or by standard transfer
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT
  • Fees are due 100% in advance, except for advanced consulting services and for large portfolio projects, where payments are due 50% in advance, 50% after receiving a non-editable draft
  • At payment confirmation, the project will begin immediately
  • This is a consulting business, not a freelancing business, clients can be followed for the long-term and only goal-oriented projects that will benefit the client will be taken on
  • Transparency benefits everyone in a transaction, work is focused on highlighting your strengths not on portraying a different business from the one you have

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